Monday, January 7, 2013

Important message for our Canadian customers regarding free shipping

As some of you are aware the USPS is raising shipping prices to Canada 60-120% later this month. No, that's not a typo, rates are in many cases more than doubling. Mailing a single game first class will cost almost $8, Priority will be $27.40. We've ran the numbers every way we can and unfortunately it is not possible for us to offer free shipping to Canada once these rate increases take effect. We would lose money on most orders.

There is some good news however! Thanks to your support we are currently shipping almost 300 orders a day to Canada. This allows us to work with a shipping consolidator and get discounted rates that cost far less than the regular USPS rates. We will continue to pass all the savings we get on to you (and then some). When you shop at Lukie Games your shipping costs will be 33-60% less than normal. For example while you may have to pay $8 to ship a single game elsewhere we will be able to ship it to you for just $2.95.

The new shipping rates go into effect Jan 25th. If you want a game (or especially a system) order it now while we can still give you free shipping!