Thursday, September 9, 2010

Witch Hunt - a Review

I'm going to keep this review very short, which is fitting considering that Witch Hunt, the final add-on for Dragon Age Origins was also very short.

Dragon Age is one of my favorite modern games. It has a rich, full world and high replayability due to the 6 different origin stories, the numerous party members you can choose to add or not add and the dozens of different decisions you can make that will completely change the game world around.

That being said Witch Hunt was a disappointment.  The advertising and hype lead you to believe that we would be able to track down Morrigan and gain some closure or at least insight into what was happening with the Morrigan and her child. Instead we got a 2 hour add-on that answered few questions and did little to forward the story.

First let me start with the gameplay. There is absolutely no challenge in this DLC. You can walk through it with no effort and it's unlikely any of your party will even receive an injury during the entire playthrough. You will be mostly going through areas you have already been in previously, there is very little in the way of new places to explore. Your new companions have a few interesting things to say but overall they seem a little flat - however that is probably just because you have such a short time to get to know them. There is only 1 new enemy to fight although it is an interesting creature whose existence seems to be setting the stage for Dragon Age 2.

I know many gamers have reported bugs with the ending where Morrigan's conversation and actions don't match with the ending of Dragon Age at all but thankfully I didn't run into that problem. However the ending was a letdown. We say hi, she gives us some vague information and takes off. No questions were answered and I felt like there was no closure to Morrigan's storyline at all. I haven't done a playthrough yet where I've romanced her so perhaps in that case it would have been a more fulfilling ending but with the "friends with Morrigan and you took the deal" ending the whole final conversation with Morrigan felt like a waste.

This add-on felt like more of a preview and ad for Dragon Age 2 to me. I honestly feel like it should have been a free download for what it was. Leliana's Song was a much better add-on in my opinion and well worth the cost. Witch Hunt, not so much.