Friday, December 4, 2009

Dragon Age - Origins

Finally got to start playing Dragon Age Origins. Normally we (my wife and co-owner of Lukie Games Sara and I) would have been on that one the moment it was released but this is such a busy time of the year for us sadly it's been sitting in it's case until last night. Started off as an Elven Mage and so far I have to say this game is great. It's way too early for a full review but in the early stages this game is awesome. With all the amazing games out there I very rarely play a game through more than once but I can see this as definitely being worth several playthroughs - the different starting storylines really helps to set this game apart and give it a high level of replayability.

Of course you can check out the many, many reviews out there and see that overall Dragon Age Origins gets some high marks but as you know early reviews aren't always accurate (remember Black and White getting perfect or near perfect reviews then later being called the most overrated game of all time?). That being said I do recommend it to RPG fans, especially if you liked Mass Effect or Oblivion. However we are playing it on the PS3 version and there are some definite frame rate issues - the playback stutters at spots and that's VERY annoying. You may want to try the Xbox 360 or PC version instead if you have multiple options.