Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring Blowout Sale - 15-25% Off on EVERYTHING!

This week only get 15-25% off of every game, system, or accessory at Lukie Games! Even the rare and hard to find games are on sale! If you are looking to stock up on original NES games, Playstation 2, or anything in between now is the time! And of course shipping is FREE on orders over $25 to the US or Canada!

No coupon necessary, just head to and enjoy the savings!


  1. a couple of weeks ago i put a cart together with all the n64 games i wanted and there was no special deal and it came to $194 and today i put together the same cart with the 15%-25% deal and it came to $256, explain becuase i dont get it and i want to do business with you guys.

  2. That's a great question. I can't give the exact details without knowing what you were buying, but prices change daily. You see, there is no such thing as a real wholesaler of classic video games. We can't call up someone up and say "We would like 1000 copies of Super Mario 64" and get them at a great price. We have built a large network of suppliers but we still have to buy what we can, when we can, and at the prices we can get them at. Sometimes we can get a bunch of games at a great price and we'll pass that along to our customers, but sometimes demand will exceed supply and we'll have to go to more expensive sources to get the games. The prices are based on our current supply, what we have to pay to get more copies for (which can double or even triple in cost depending on availability) and the demand.

    Also, you will sometimes see games listed as shipping in 4-9 days that have a higher price. Those are games we can order from a supplier - but 1 at a time. This is usually with games that are rare or hard to find and we may only have access to a couple of copies, ones where none of our suppliers have more than 1. We pay a much higher price for those than we get them as part of a large lot of games.

    They aren't making any more classic games and and demand as well as prices on them have been moving up steadily for many years. When demand exceeds supply we have no choice but to get the higher priced copies or just sell out. We might be able to get 10 copies of a game for $5, but the next 5 might be $10 and every one after that could be $12-$15. This is especially true of rare games. We may have managed to grab a copy for $50 as part of a large package so we are selling it for $55 or $60 but we may not be able to get another copy any time soon for less than $80-$90.

    Long story short we have a set markup percentage we apply to all our games and systems. If the price of what you are looking at has gone up then our prices obtaining those items has increased. The reverse is also true, if we get a bunch of games at a lower than normal price than we cut the price for you even if we can normally charge more.

    We've got 3 full time buyers who do nothing but source classic games in order to get you the lowest prices we possibly can while keeping a wide selection available at all times! That being said again they aren't making any more of these and when demand increases or supply decreases than the price will go up! Don't wait when you are shopping for classic games!


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